World Sin Moo Hapkido Association Connecticut Dojang
Training at 4401 SIDEBURN ROAD, FAIRFAX, VA. The Home of World Sin Moo Hapkido Association Virginia Dojang.

Class Information



8th Gueb

Yellow Belt

General Knowledge of Hapkido
Basic Hapkido etiquette and rules of the Dojang
Proper bowing and sitting
Proper wearing and folding of Hapkido uniform- Do - Bok
Elementary Hapkido terminology WHAT? (Yong Uh)
Count to ten (see terminology sheet)
Class commands (see terminology sheet)
Categories on belt sheets
Hapkido founder  and Grandmaster WHO?   Choi, Young Sool and Doju Ji, Han Jae
The meaning of Hapkido.  The Art of Coordinated Power
The meaning of Sin Moo.  Spiritual Martial Art
Dan Jeon Ho Heup Peob
Concentration Meditation
Abdominal Breathing
4 Basic Stances
1. Natural Photo
2. Fighting Photo
3. Horse Photo
4. Kneeling Photo
8 Blocks
1. High Photo
2. Inside Photo
3. Outside Photo
4. Down Photo
5. X-Block Photo
6. Soft Block Photo
7. High Round House Photo
8. High/Low Round House Photo
1. Front Photo
2. Back Photo
3. Side Photo
4. Forward Roll Photo
12 Strikes Photo
1. Downward Sudo Photo
2. Reverse Sudo Photo
3. Palm Strike Photo
4. Spear Hand Photo
5. Hammer Fist Photo
6. Reverse Punch Photo
7. Lunge Punch Photo
8. Ridge hand Photo
9. Reverse Ridge Hand Photo
10. Back Fist Photo
11. Thumb Strike Photo
12. Wrist Strike Photo
Basic Kicking 1-10
1. Low Scoop Photo
2. Front Slap Photo
3. Low Inside Hook Photo
4. Low Side Kick Photo
5. Inside Crescent Photo
6. Outside Crescent Photo
7. High Round House Photo
8. Front Snap with Heel Photo
9. Ax Kick Photo
10. Front Thrusting Heel Photo
10 Straight Wrist Break-Aways (Always Described from Right Side)
1. Downward chop to collarbone (same hand) Photo
2. Reverse Punch to throat (same hand) Photo
3. Back fist to face (same hand) Photo
4. Step out, breakaway, horizontal chop to throat (same hand) Photo
5. Elbow wrist, spinning elbow to chest (same side) Photo
6. Swing arm outward, sudo to ribs, (same side) Photo
7. Raise arm, elbow to chin, (same side) Photo
8. One knuckle strike (opposite hand) to back of hand that's grabbing, elbow to face. Photo
9. Swing arm outward, one knuckle strike to ribs (same hand) Photo
10. Step out, breakaway, hammer fist to temple (opposite side of head) Photo
12-Cross Wrist Break-Aways (Always Described from Right Side)
1. Turn hand inward, reverse chop to temple (same hand) Photo
2. Turn hand inside, same hand palm strike to face Photo
3. Draw arm in and over appointents arm, elbow to face (same hand) Photo
4. Upward arm draw, downward chop to outside shoulder (same hand) Photo
5. Outward and upward arm draw, reverse chop to ribs (same hand) Photo
6. Turn hand outward in a circular motion, same hand palm strike Photo
7. Downward draw same hand, cross elbow to face, free hand Photo
8. Turn outward and down, ridgehand to temple Photo
9. One knuckle strike to forearm, elbow free hand to face Photo
10. Turn outward, downward chop breakaway (same hand) Photo
11. Turn into arm and draw arm upward reverse punch through arm (free hand) Photo
12. Turn into arm and draw arm upward driving elbow break Photo
Basic Arm Bar Principles (Always Described from Right Side)
1. Stepping Forward, sliding back, chopping elbow break Photo
2. Stepping Back, slide forward, chopping elbow break Photo
3. Under hand arm bar Photo
4. Downward Elbow Break-from all front grabs Photo




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